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REID Worldwide

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REIDsteel have been designing, manufacturing and erecting Church Buildings since the 1920s. Our buildings can now be found in almost every country in the World.
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Church and Community Buildings

Church and Community Buildings

REIDsteel offer a complete church design and construction service. Our church builders have been designing, exporting and building church buildings, chapels and religious buildings worldwide since 1919. We can put together a complete church building including the bells.

Stone churches, chapels and cathedrals of the past are the shape they are because as well as giving an uplifting atmosphere, they are highly efficient structures. REIDsteel are more than just church contractors, taking on board all manner of church building projects offering full design and construction of the church structure itself, framed very economically and beautifully in structural steel. The standard cathedral shape, with its nave, transepts, sanctuary, lantern, tower, clerestories, perambulatories and chapels are standard steel buildings which can be designed and priced straight from our computers.


Not every parish wants traditional shaped church buildings. Places of worship are often required to be similar to theatres and auditoriums. REIDsteel's experience of grandstands and arenas can be applied to building churches. We can provide seating, raised altar, staging and other structural steel for church construction.

In many parts of the world, schools and hospitals are provided by religious organisations. REIDsteel have successfully completed numerous church building projects including many church halls, school buildings, hospital buildings, orphanages and clinics. In many cases the funding for a new church building is provided by the appropriate religious organisation. Likewise, all of the great religions are found to be helping in many emergency situations and REIDsteel have provided other steel framed buildings including grain stores, dormitories, shelters, low cost housing and the like to help in famine and earthquake disasters around the world. REIDsteel structural engineers are ready to help, quickly and economically, in any crisis requiring us to design, fabricate, export and construct your steel framed building, resistant to hurricane or earthquake.

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Design and construction of steel framed churches and church buildings, including church building projects involving places of worship, cathedrals, religious buildings, emergency, aid, famine relief buildings and warehouses, grain stores and warehouses.