Church at Imerikasinina, Madagascar

imerikasinina-church-building-project-01Madagascar was ruled by the French until they left in the nineteen fifties, after which the country fell into decline. Business was unable to flourish due to an absence of business culture.

It takes extraordinary people to manage a business in these circumstances.

An extraordinary man in agriculture, then wholesale, then retail. Mr Marc Ravalomanana, from his agricultural background, established TIKO in Antsirabe, which soon became a major wholesale and retail outlet for dairy goods and then other local and imported foods.

Marc Ravalomanana is a devoted Christian and abhored dishonesty and corruption. He fought this by standing for, then becoming, Mayor of Antananarivo, the Capital.

He tried to improve the city but found himself in conflict with the National Government. This forced him to stand as National President. He won the election, with a narrow margin due to questionable practices, leading to a year of civil strife, but he is now established as president.

It will come as no surprise that he has built numerous REIDsteel buildings for agricultural and industrial production, for storage and retail, and, as funds permit, new church buildings. The construction of this lovely new church atImerikasinina was undertaken by REIDsteel with Galleries, Bell tower etc. and is perched on a hilltop in his native village community and serves a considerable congregation.

Church building at Imerikasinina in Madagascar