innovative designJust because it’s made of steel doesn’t mean it has to look ugly – Innovative design and construction techniques can result in beautiful, modern buildings that are sure to impress!

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We're not just buildings either - we have pioneered many varied steelwork projects, such as these Dragon's Teeth Anti Terrorist Crash Barriers!

inno-02For our 2012 Olympics, we supplied 51 gates from Weymouth to Newcastle to the perimeter of stadiums and arenas to eliminate any threat from a terrorist vehicles with on board explosives.

The magnificent 13,000 m2 Rizon Jets hangar and terminal showcases our committment to perfection.

Not only is the design a pleasure to behold but also the outstanding level of interior finish.

inno-03Rizon Jet’s stunning two-level  FBO / VIP Terminal features REIDsteel silicone glazed curtain walling with circular and ‘stadium’ shaped automatic sliding doors.
inno-04The MRO hangar is equipped with a REIDsteel electrically operated hangar door, providing an entrance 59.6m wide x 10.2m high, as well as two REIDsteel underslung cranes.