Steel Framed Church Advert

A typical church or chapel frame shipped to Africa, the Caribbean and South America in the 1930s.

REIDsteel have been designing, fabricating, exporting and constructing steel framed churches worldwide since 1919, along with: grain stores, emergency relief, hurricane and earthquake resistant buildings, low cost housing and many other steel structures.

Our steel structures have been exported to places as far apart as Iceland near the arctic circle and Raratonga in the South Pacific:

To Russia, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Mediterranean countries, several of the mid Atlantic Islands and almost all of the Caribbean Islands, and Central and South America.

In the 1930’s, a REIDsteel church building was sent in mule-pack sized consignments high in the Andes, including the transepts, sanctuary, bell tower, bells and crates of coloured glass.

Many of REIDsteel’s first church building construction projects took place in France and French Colonies around the world.


A REIDsteel advert from the 1930s-  maybe the first advert for a steel-framed church?


Design, manufacture, construction and sales of church buildings, places of worship, emergency relief, earthquake resistant, hurricane resistant buildings, construction of steel churches and church community buildings.