Options – Protective Coatings and Finishes

Shot Blasting

shot blasting our steelAll steel passes through our Automatic Shot Blasting plant before fabrication.Our steel is shot blasted (SA2) and is primed with 75 microns of high build zinc phosphate primer.

This is not intended to be used as a final finish – However many clients, especially those who are paying with their own money, leave this primer as the only finish. If rust shows through where the steel has been scratched during transportation, erection or in use it may be touched up.

If the climate is known to be corrosive, for example, if the building is close to the sea on a windward coast, or is likely to be subject to saline dust then we recommend hot dip galvanizing. This is much better, cheaper and more enduring that any multi-coat paint specification. If it is to be overpainted, etching primer must be used first.

Protective Coatings

zinc phosphate primerAll steel before leaving our works is sprayed with High Build Zinc Phosphate primer, to a thickness of at least 75 microns.

Hot Dip Galvanising

Although we are able to provide a high standard of shot blasting and almost any paint system to suit the structure, many specifications call for Hot Dip Galvanising.

This in our opinion, is still the best way of providing long term protection to structural steelwork. It is no more expensive than complicated multi-coat paint systems and, in our opinion, more effective.

hot dipped galvanised steelWe have hesitated to issue publicity of this nature before because we thought that the cost of galvanising steelwork would not be acceptable to most clients- However, during the last 25 years there has been an increase in demand from discerning clients, for the tough, lasting protection provided when steel is dipped into molten zinc.

If you want ONLY THE BEST then you should have your steelwork HOT DIP GALVANISED.

Works Despatch Area

steel protection finishesNote steelwork in various finishes Zinc Phosphate paint in blue, in white and Hot Dip Galvanised.

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